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Sometimes they're a series; sometimes they're really long, one-off projects.

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When it comes to visual and digital storytelling, assessment has to change a bit.

In addition to the textual content (voiceovers, etc.), there is also a visual element.

Something like digital storytelling is really useful at an introductory level, for example.

It's simple — assembling photos, including some voiceovers and sound, maybe inserting a little video here and there — yet it reinforces critical thinking and analysis skills.

If I'm asking students to produce a video essay, I might evaluate whether they are taking the project seriously, with appropriate attention to detail.

These are things I consider when evaluating writing of any kind.They do some readings, maybe watch some screenings, study data of some kind, and then verbally respond to the materials and document their learning in a creative way.That engaged process gets them thinking rigorously and speaking fluently about the subject. I ask students to create podcasts in the form of an essay.I try to keep the tools from becoming a distraction to the students by making small adjustments throughout the semester, even in a foundational course.The technique has proven itself a good one to get students thinking about deep concepts implied by the course content, especially as first-years.The options are multifaceted and can be richer than solely text-based scripts."For my video essays, I usually assemble all of the footage first and before writing a script.Editing it all together makes the argument for me....As a CAMS major we are taught to think about images and their relationship to each other.Later I might open it up and say, "Okay, if you have a camera that you'd rather use, or if you have a different way of editing things, then you can try that." Sometimes in those cases students will inspire each other: "Wow, what they're doing is really cool. " If I can support it, I often bring that particular method into the course.I want to caution that audio-visual writing is a subjective exercise, not a big experiment in technology.


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