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Despite the almost overwhelming influences of culture, there is still human nature to consider. All are similar in biology and in that they must observe the physical laws of nature.Yet the differences between cultures stem from the once original, individual ways of dealing with these problems.The first example Kluckholn uses shows the different attitudes women have about bigamy.

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The examples all showed that one's own culture is where one feels safest.

Kluckhorn's illustrations of how people react negatively to other cultures seems to prove the axiom that man's biggest fear is of change.

Also, children of alcoholics have a fifty percent chance of becoming an alcoholic themselves.

This fact can be explained by the theory that these children have inherited characteristics making them succeptable to alcholism.

Furthermore, experiments have been conducted where twins have been separated at birth and raised by two different families.

Even though these twins were raised in two different variations of American culture, when tested they reacted almost identically to certain situations and had similar feelings towards universal concepts.The definition Kluckhorn gives relies heavily on common sense.Culture is: By giving us this definition, Kluckhorn immediately deletes any chance of mininterpreting the word and concept of culture.Comment: Essay #7 provides a satisfactory response to Kluckhohn's ideas about culture's influence by emphasizing the importance of heredity as another influence on human behavior.The first paragraph reports Kluckhohn's idea; the second explains how his examples demonstrate culture's influence; the third states general agreement with Kluckhohn's claims, but cites several "experiments" to show that heredity's effect on behavior has also been established; the fourth restates the writer's acceptance of -- and addition to -- Kluckhohn's ideas.Instead "the past experience of other people in the form of culture enters into almost every event".It is not we who determine our culture, but our ancestors who determined for us.Kluckhorn is saying that who we are -- our culture -- is based on how the people who have the responsibility of raising us were raised by their role models, who were influenced by their role models, and so on.To illustrate his point, Kluckhorn gives examples of times when the culture someone was raised in plays a major role in determining how the person will react in a given situation -- often how they will react to an aspect of another culture.Throughout, the essay tends to summarize quickly rather than develop fully, but its examples and reasoning are adequate to its purpose. The writer sometimes falls into misstatement or imprecision: "explains the differences and similarities among the world's peoples through the many cultures that arise out of human nature," (paragraph 1); "a definite relationship between related persons," (paragraph 3).There is a sprinkling of errors: Kluckholn (throughout); "agree to Kluckholn's explanation" (paragraph 3); "exceptable" (paragraph 4).


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