Dissertation On Stress Management

Besides easing stress levels exercise will also help work off all those cheeky dissertation snacks!

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Here’s some top tips on how to complete this monstrous task with minimal trauma.

Dissertation writing can feel like a never-ending task and most of us are likely to spend countless hours staring at a blank page.

Whilst your dissertation supervisor can provide feedback on the quality of the content, friends and family will also be able to help with grammatical errors and lapses in logic.

Set aside time to just write about anything you can think of with no distractions.

Give yourself incentives if necessary - you’ll be surprised by what you’ll do for chocolate.

On a more serious note, it’s important to take some time to fully relax and forget about work (easier said than done, I know) as stress is counterproductive.: Another effective way of managing dissertation stress is by doing exercise.

We’re not sure how many days would be needed with this approach but setting time aside to write freely is definitely a method to try.

If anything it will help you warm up in order to be more productive.

Setbacks are common and different tasks can take longer than first expected.

This is all part of the joy of dissertation writing - don’t be demoralised.


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