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No great insight or experience of the world is necessary to see that such people really care nothing for progress.They wish to destroy for their profit, and they, being clever, try to persuade us that progress and change are synonymous. My only quarrel with Wolfe is with his belief that Tolkien also saw change as harmful in the main. While Tolkien did experience nostalgia for the past, and mourned for the loss of a mythic time and a world drained of its magic, I would argue that Tolkien viewed change as not always bad, just inevitable, and “progress” as a harbinger of difference, not decay. Loss of individual freedom, increased mechanization and urbanization, the destruction of wood and field and stream—or the loss of native English language and mythology following the Norman invasion of 1066, to touch on a subject near and dear to Tolkien’s heart—are all reasons to treat progress with skepticism.

As it turns out, Wolfe had submitted the essay for Haber’s consideration in .

Among fantasy aficionados he’s known as one of the genre’s best writers.

In addition, it taught him that “progress” is not necessarily progressive, and with change comes inevitable loss.

Says Wolfe: It is said with some truth that there is no progress without loss; and it is always said, by those who wish to destroy good things, that progress requires it.

“Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie first appeared in “The Most Wonderful Books: Writers on Discovering the pleasures of Reading.” Sherman Alexie is a well-known Native American writer that publishes short stories, novels, and poetry.

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