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It is a highly practical research design method as it contributes towards solving a problem at hand.The independent variables are manipulated to monitor the change it has on the dependent variable.

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For example, the effect of an independent variable such as price on a dependent variable such as customer satisfaction or brand loyalty is monitored.Elements that contribute towards a troublesome situation are evaluated in this research design method.In exploratory research design, the researcher’s ideas and thoughts are key as it is primarily dependent on their personal inclination about a particular topic.By implementing an in-depth research design such as this, a researcher can provide insights into the why and how of is used to establish a relationship between the cause and effect of a situation.Variables, designated tools to gather information, how will the tools be used to collect and analyze data and other factors are decided in research design on the basis of a research technique is decided.An impactful research design usually creates minimum bias in data and increases trust on the collected and analyzed research implemented in cases where a relationship between collected data and observation is established on the basis of mathematical calculations.Theories related to a naturally existing phenomenon can be proved or disproved using mathematical calculations.Research design is defined as a framework of methods and techniques chosen by a researcher to combine various components of research in a reasonably logical manner so that the research problem is efficiently handled.It provides insights about “how” to conduct research using a particular methodology.


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