Descriptive Essay Topic My Dream House

P.2 From my point of view, the location of my dream house is very important and the surroundings and the position of a house should be carefully considered.

I've always been fascinated by rivers and the sound of the birds in the mornings.

The first room on the right would be the living-room which is quite large and full of light.

Day light is essential for me so I'd like to have big windows in the living room.

My dream house should be large and spacious with plenty of large windows that would make the rooms bright and airy.

The interior design of my house should be carefully planned to every detail but I should confess that I prefer a minimalistic approach to the design of interior so I don’t like my ideal house to be stuffed with a lot of unnecessary furniture – instead, I would like to have enough space to feel free.I would like to have a huge lawn in front of my house and enough parking for several cars.There should be a small garden planted with fruit trees, bushes and flowers.The bedrooms should be cozy with large beds and soft carpets on the floors.I would like to have a large TV set in my bedroom and a built-in closet.A door from the living room would lead to a small study where I could write, read books and work on my assignments.This small room would make me feel calm and attentive so I could focus my attention to my projects. Also, my bedroom would reflect my inner world and privacy so it would be painted with my favorite color which is blue.My dream house should be situated outside the city, in a deserted place, somewhere in a wood near a lake surrounded by the wild beautiful nature, or it would be an amazing idea to live somewhere on an island like Hawaii with beautiful sandy beaches and a lot of sun.I adore nature and it would be so exciting to wake up early in the morning and listen to the birds singing.There should be a front porch where we could sit and relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.I would like to have a large backyard with a big swimming pool and a basketball court because I am fond of sports.


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