Descriptive Essay Smell Ocean

I think the smell depends upon the location of the ocean and the components in that particular body of water, like Limestone, iron compounds, copper, algae, high dissolved mineral content, etc.

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As far as fragrances that remind me of the ocean, I like Vivara by Emilio Pucci.

For some reason, almost anything with a strong vetiver note also reminds me of the ocean.

Best sea air frag I have experienced is Profumum Acqua di Sale (salt water).

Marine frags in my experience are very, very difficult to get right. a million baths for seawater soaked grandchildern mixed with the southern cali soft water & a strange bottle of perfume honeysuckel scent, I think, among other things, plastic bath toys from the 60s, clean towlels, the wall paper wet, the garden air coming in the window, someday i'll bottel it just for you.

Air-dried sheets, angels’ breath, anise, baby powder, baby’s breath, bacon, bananas, bubblegum, cedar, chamomile, chicken broth, chocolate, cinnamon, citrus, cocoa, coconut, coffee, cork, cotton candy, eucalyptus, flowers, forest, fresh air, fresh-baked bread, fruit, Grandma’s kitchen, grass, hand cream, hand sanitizer, honey, leather, lemon, licorice, lilacs, lime, maple sugar, meadow, mint, ocean breeze, oranges, peaches, pine, pineapple, pizzeria, popcorn, roses, scented soap, strawberries, summer day, toast, vanilla, violets, wine, woods/forest, yeast Acetone, bad breath, barnyard, bat guano, burning lint, burning tire, camel breath, cat box, cemetery, chicken coop, chlorine, cigars, cleaning fluid, copper, corpse, decomp, dog, dog breath, fish, fresh paint, funky fungus, garbage dump, garlic, greasy rags, green bacon, hair dye, hospital, hot tar, kitty-litter, laundry hamper, locker room, medicine, metal, mildew, mold, moldy dentures, nicotine, onions, pepper, plastic, rancid butter/cheese, ripe socks, rotten potatoes, rotting whale carcass, scorched rubber, seaweed, sewer, skunk, smoke, stringent soap, sulfur, sweat, tobacco, toe jams, vinegar Describe scents with well-chosen adjectives.

If you’re writing a horror novel, you can create a feeling of suspense by foreshadowing. Maybe your monster has a delicate woodsy aroma that lures its victims deep into a musty lair where it dissolves the flesh from their bones with a caustic venom that reeks of corpses and singed hair.

I wondered if it has something to do with different variations of sea weed?

I know my mussings probably don't help you very much. I live near the ocean and on some days you can just smell this wonderful "briney" smell coming off the cool breeze.

In the end I don't really know what that ocean smell is. At low tide, I can smell the ocean from a few miles away, although then it predominately smells of seaweed, mucky sand, and perhaps stranded shellfish (oysters, clams and mussels mostly).

Maybe it is iodine that I'm smelling, mixed with salt.


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