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Winterbourne found Daisy to be “extremely innocent” and “a pretty American flirt.” Winterbourne’s aunt, Mrs.Costello, was the first person to begin fixing social prejudices in Winterbourne’s mind. Costello at once began to list all the horrible reasons that the Millers were not on the same social level as herself.

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When Daisy intended to go out walking to meet her Italian friend, Mr. Walker, an elite member of society, advised her against it. Upon observing Giovanelli, Winterbourne told Daisy that he “intends to remain with her”. ” Finally, Daisy declared that she was improper and Mrs. The next time Winterbourne spoke to Daisy was at Mrs. Daisy tells him that she wouldn’t change her habits for the society.

Daisy persisted, and “not wanting to do anything improper” convinced Winterbourne to walk with her until she found Mr. Daisy retorts that she has “never allowed a gentleman to dictate to her or interfere with anything she did.” But she nevertheless walked happily between Winterbourne and Giovanelli. Winterbourne calls her a flirt, which Daisy regards as a compliment.

Winterbourne began to wonder if Daisy really was as innocent as she seemed because he felt that “a nice girl ought to know” she was being improper. Walker rode up in her carriage and persuaded Winterbourne to convince Daisy to join her because “fifty people have noticed her”. Walker was making “too much of a fuss about it” but Mrs. Winterbourne tried to explain to Daisy that if she doesn’t change she would have to deal with the consequences, but Daisy shrugged off his advice. Walker snubbed Daisy and Winterbourne felt a twinge of pity for her.

Over the next few days, the entire elite class talked about how dreadful Daisy was for going “too far.” Winterbourne agreed with these comments, but he still felt pity for Daisy.

A week later, Daisy died of a case of Roman Fever that she caught in the coliseum.

Before she died, Daisy sent a message to Winterbourne explaining that there were no intimate attachments between Giovanelli and herself. A year later, Winterbourne was visiting his Aunt in Vevay.

Costello, once again, talked about the Millers, especially Daisy, condescendingly.

Winterbourne, again, defended them claiming, “they are very ignorant – very innocent only,” but not necessarily bad people. Daisy refused because she was “so enchanted just as she was”. Walker said that walking with two men was not the custom in Rome and Daisy responded, “Well, it ought to be!

Daisy was no longer invited to social gatherings and was ostracized from the society.

When Winterbourne confronted her on the matter, she commented that, “they are only pretending to be shocked”.


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