Critical Essay On Arthur Miller

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Although 'The Crucible' is a powerful drama, it stands second to 'Death of a Salesman' as a work of art. Miller had had more trouble with this one, perhaps because he is too conscious of its implications."(1955) "To this theatregoer, ['A Memory of Two Mondays'], Mr. But regrettably -- or so it seems to me -- the author of 'Death of a Salesman' is still waiting in the wings, unfulfilled."(1972) "It emerges as a victory of craft over artistry and of mind over matter.

But in the second play, 'A View From the Bridge,' has power and substance."(1968) "It is a play that will give a great deal of pleasure to many people and deserves a long and profitable run.

[But] they have not edited out the confusion of the script nor its somewhat jumbled philosophies, nor have they kept it from running over into the ridiculous now and then."(1949) "Miller has written a superb drama.

[T]he author and director -- Arthur Miller and Joseph Fields -- at least have been trying to do something away from the theater's usual stencils.

It was derived logically from a fine mind, an austere conscience and a creative pen."(1961) "It lacks the luxuries of description and the fleshing out of characters, the time a novelist gives himself to establish a communion with the reader. Miller to celebrate and reflect, to kvetch and wax nostalgic with a Times reporter.(1950) On the first anniversary of the opening of "Death of a Salesman," Miller writes "There is no limit to the expansion of the audience's imagination so long as the play's internal logic is kept inviolate."(1953) Miller evokes modern-day Salem, where he went to research "The Crucible": "[T]he great rock, standing mum over the Bay, the splintered precipice on which the gibbet was built.

[T]he record of achievement contained in his book is definitive proof that the masterpiece was no accident. "The result," wrote The Times, "is as powerful and magnificent a performance of the play as is likely to be seen in this generation."(1999) The 50th anniversary of "Death of a Salesman," and a revival production starring Brian Dennehy, provided an opportunity for Mr.

Gerald Freedman's articulate revival at the Roundabout Theater Company is as resolute as the play itself."(1994) ".

'"(1990) "By focusing on the Salem witch hunts of the 17th century, the playwright placed the outrage of Mc Carthyism in historical perspective and created a drama that has remained meaningful to succeeding generations.

Miller's play, which first appeared on Broadway as a one-acter in 1955[,] is seen here in the full-length."(1983) "Alas, the promised land is still well out of reach.

Miller seems to have begun with his themes and conceits, then worked backward to fashion (and diminish) his characters to fit the predetermined pattern . ."(1987) "'All My Sons' may be too topical for its own theatrical good.


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