Criminal Justice Research Paper

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By Christopher Donoghue and Alicia Raia-Hawrylak In , January 2016, Volume 38(1), p.

30-39Abstract: Heightened attention to bullying in research and in the media has led to a proliferation of school climate surveys that ask students to report their level of involvement in bullying.

Using Uniform Crime Reports from 1960 to 1985, the results show that there is a short-run increase of 7% in crimes reported and a 16% increase in crimes cleared by arrest.

Results show an increase in the staffing of police officers in cities that received legal services.

Few differences were observed in aggressive behaviors by grade, but grade level moderated the differences by gender for all types of aggression.

The findings demonstrate what school social workers can expect to learn about school climate by using a survey instrument to measure the prevalence of specific categories of aggression that do not include the requisite power differential, a minimum duration of victimization, or an intentionality test.

This article reviews local law enforcement practices and argues that future research should move away from an exclusive examination of police policies towards immigrants, to consider how the policing of immigrants actually occurs on the ground.

Moreover, we argue that as long as discretionary arrests funnel removable immigrants into the deportation system, some immigrant communities will perceive policing as fundamentally unfair and discriminatory. Cunningham In Abstract: This paper uses the city-level roll-out of legal service grants to evaluate their effects on crime.

Similar to national surveys of bullying, the authors found that boys were more likely than girls to be involved as aggressors, victims, and victim-aggressors for verbal aggression, physical aggression, threats, and damage to property.

Girls were more likely to be involved in social aggression.


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