Crime Teenagers Essay

Sometimes children can change, just like my brother. All I knew was that he wanted to change and he did.

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Let’s put the rapists and the killers in psychic wards where they could be watched, but don’t put California’s children in adult prisons.

Rebellion at a young age is almost a rite of passage.

The Trench Coat Mafia was able to collect information from the Internet, enabling them to create bombs and plant them at Columbine High. I believe that if we look beyond the teenagers’ actions we can find the root of the problem.

It is said that racism and prejudice are like seeds, once planted they grow.

John Adams High School was the third most violent high school in New York City.

One thing stands out in my mind: A child was slashed from ear to ear.Whatever the reason, the teenage criminal is still young, it’s not too late to help him or her see the right way.Yes they should be punished severely but not to the extent of an adult. , 16, Temple City HS There are too many things that could go wrong with this proposition.What stimulated the teenager to commit that violent crime?Was he or she physically abused, emotionally scared, raised and taught racism and prejudice, exposed to excess violence or dangerous information?Instead, everyone should do his or her own part to prevent teenagers from any actions that could endanger others.When a teenager commits a violent crime, the community should not only consider the damage the crime did, but also look deeper into the cause of it.Who knows, the parents of these teenagers from the Trench Coat Mafia could have taught these kids to be racist or prejudiced, leading them to the killing rage.Maybe the parents should have taken a closer look at their kids. My freshman year of school was the most memorable of my life, but not because of education or meeting new friends. I had to go through two metal detectors every morning.


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