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Famous writers include Leonardo Sciascia, Umberto Eco, and Carlo Emilio Gadda.In Spain, The Nail and other Tales of Mystery and Crime was published by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón in 1853.

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Some of the crime novels generally regarded as the finest, including those regularly chosen by experts as belonging to the best 100 crime novels ever written (see bibliography), have been out of print ever since their first publication, which often dates back to the 1920s or 30s.

The bulk of books that can be found today on the shelves labelled "Crime" consists of recent first publications usually no older than a few years.

When he was still young and unknown, award-winning British novelist Julian Barnes (born 1946) published some crime novels under the alias Dan Kavanagh.

Other authors take delight in cherishing their alter egos: Ruth Rendell (1930-2015) writes one sort of crime novels as Ruth Rendell and another type as Barbara Vine; John Dickson Carr also used the pseudonym Carter Dickson.

Cheng Xiaoqing, considered "The Grand Master" of twentieth-century Chinese detective fiction, translated Sherlock Holmes into classical and vernacular Chinese.

In the late 1910s, Cheng began writing his own detective fiction series, Sherlock in Shanghai, mimicking Conan Doyle’s style but reappropriating to a Chinese audience.

Crime fiction provides unique psychological impacts and enables readers to become mediated witnesses through identifying with eyewitnesses to a crime.

Readers speak of crime fiction as a mode of escapism to cope with other aspects of their life As far as the history of crime fiction is concerned, some authors have been reluctant to publish their crime novels under their real names.

The latter involves a climax where the titular detective protagonist Ali Khwaja presents evidence from expert witnesses in a court. The detective’s unnamed companion is the narrator of the stories and a prototype for the character of Dr. Wilkie Collins' epistolary novel The Woman in White was published in 1860, while The Moonstone (1868) is often thought to be his masterpiece.

French author Émile Gaboriau's Monsieur Lecoq (1868) laid the groundwork for the methodical, scientifically minded detective.


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