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Learn more about the fees that apply to you for this course.For fee type definitions and further assistance, see the Fee Calculator Help page.John Harman will show you how to create convincing characters, even those of the opposite gender.

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New writers can struggle with narrative structure in writing whether the form is a novel, short story or script.

In this workshop, writer John Harman will help you better understand the type of story you are telling, discover the importance of narrative structure and learn advanced techniques of plotting.

Narrative structure is about choices and about writing your novel, short story or script in scenes.

The choices hinge not only on the integration of the story and the plot (which...

This exemption applies for up to four years full-time equivalent study for a doctorate by research and two years full-time equivalent study for a master's by research.

The RTP is a performance-based funding scheme administered by the Federal Department of Education and Training. This workshop will focus on style in popular writing and how you may develop your writing style to match that of published authors. Aside from narrative structure and technique, what words do they use... How do our favourite authors synthesise style, voice and tone to transport us into the world of their novel?Linguist Daniel Midgley presents a fun and easy crash course in English grammar.Along the way, he’ll show you how language really works. OUTLINE Session 1: The basics: Nouns, verbs, and all that Session 2: Advanced grammar for advanced dummies: Tense, aspect, and mood Session 3: Getting structural: Phrases and clauses...You will learn about journaling, Instagram, scrapbooking both online and off, blogging, memoir, family diary writing and more.Travelling to new and exciting places makes us all want to find ways to capture... what’s important for you to realise is that you are still much nearer the beginning of the process of writing your book than you are to the end. How do our favourite authors synthesise style, voice and tone to transport us into the world of their novel? A travel diary doesn’t need to be a blow-by-blow account of every step along your sightseeing journey.Aside from narrative structure and technique, what words do they use – and in what order? Join travel blogger and writer Amanda Kendle to learn about various ways to write down your travels so that you, your family and friends will enjoy reading them over and over.Some storytellers set down facts like a newspaper report; others use awkward and unnatural contrivances.This workshop shows how the subtle art of exposition – showing not telling – may be woven into the fabric of the story so the reader is unaware of being given...


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