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Coursework Other Than A-G Uc App-2
Don’t just describe the place that you volunteered at, try to highlight all the responsibilities that you had.For Work Experience, only enter jobs where you actually got paid.

The Educational Prep program refers to any enriching academic program that you may have participated in, including academic summer camps.

Community Work refers to any unpaid volunteer work that you’ve done.

This includes all courses (including college courses), even if you have exceeded the minimum ‘a-g’ course requirements.

Answer 2D: The University of California does not compute pluses or minuses in high school coursework.

If you do decide to drop the class, you will need to notify Undergraduate Admissions through the It is impossible to say what the result would be from a dropped class in the senior year because each student’s record is unique, so the results can differ among students.

The important thing is to notify the Office of Admissions immediately when changes are made to your coursework. The instructions on the UC application are explicit – you were required to list all courses and grades, regardless of whether you had repeated certain courses for better grades.Consistency in your level of achievement must be carried through your senior year coursework.If you have already earned a grade of D or F (or equivalent for other grading systems) in your senior year (fall or spring), or if your overall GPA in your senior year (fall or spring) is a grade point below your previous academic performance, you have not met this condition of your admission.Complying with the conditions within the set deadlines is crucial to finalizing your admission.Doing so will save you the stress involved with a cancellation and the time to appeal which, in the end, may not result in the reinstatement of your admission to UC Santa Cruz.Therefore, a C- is considered equivalent to a C grade.Remember, however, that we also expect a consistent level of academic achievement in your coursework.Answer 2E: If you are trying to make up a bad grade you received in your senior year by repeating the course in the summer, that is not allowed by our campus.If you take a summer course for other reasons, official transcripts must be sent to the Office of Admissions at the conclusion of your summer coursework.Answer 2A: We count any course that falls under the ‘a-g’ subject areas (college-prep courses), including any college courses in which you have enrolled.Since we are a selective campus, exceeding the minimum course requirements is something we consider when making our admissions decisions., a grade lower than a C in any ‘a-g’ course means your admission is subject to immediate cancellation.


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