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Such a trend would make it hard for Cambodians to gain the greatest benefit from the growth of Chinese tourists to Cambodia because of the money exits a Chinese pocket into another pocket of another from China.At the same time, the general feeling of Cambodians in Sihanoukville is no longer an attractive place for them to travel, for reasons of high cost and excessive Chinese presence.Not as wealthy Chinese are also business people, and set up marketplaces selling all kinds of goods right down to hairdressers.

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The “Island of Peace” reporter entered casinos in Sihanoukville without being checked.

A number of Cambodians were sitting gamblers, though most of them were Chinese.

Passive systems most often seen in construction sites range from guardrails and safety nets to barricades and covers while active systems on the other hand take the form of life lines, body harnesses, anchorage points and lanyards.

What must be understood is that when constructing upwards companies are in effect working against the force of gravity yet since gravity is ubiquitous in our natural environment this in effect causes objects to have the tendency to propagate in a downward direction when insufficient means of harnessing are not utilized.

Body harnesses, life lines and anchorage points act as contingency devices supporting workers by preventing them from falling to their deaths since they act as anchoring points and which allows workers to remain connected to the superstructure of the building after a fall (Firl, 33).

It must be noted though that such devices, as mentioned earlier, require a conscious effort on the part of a work to actually be utilized effectively.

In addition, some Sihanoukville residents have also become rich due to rising land prices and renting a building to Chinese.

But this has meant that businesses of Cambodian people, such as restaurants and small shops, have started shutting down because of the inability to pay land rental fees, which have skyrocketed.

However, the province’s attractions have gradually moved from the heart of Cambodian people, while the coastal province has come to a point of change.

There has been a departure from the tourist paradise for Cambodians and foreigners, and has become a place with a Chinese presence. An alarming indicator was revealed when the number of national and international tourists declined on the Pchum Ben holiday because they It is understood that the price for everything has gotten too high.


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