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Construction law has been affected by the requirements in public contracts, which include surety bonds and other procedures.

Construction law has been affected by the requirements in public contracts, which include surety bonds and other procedures.In private contracts, the requirements are negotiated between the parties.

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The requirements set out certain minimum provisions which must be included in any construction contract (as defined within the Act) and failure to comply with these requirements will cause the relevant provisions to be deleted and compliant provisions to be inserted in their place, which can lead to unexpected consequences for unsuspecting parties to a construction contract.

When a plan has been adopted for a building, and in the progress of the work a change is made from the original plan, the change is called a "deviation".

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However, these forms have been criticized as unfair to contractors in favor of owners and architects, which led to the publication of Consensus Docs standard contracts in September 2007.

The Consensus Docs Coalition includes 41 trade associations representing design professionals, owners, contractors, subcontractors and sureties in the design and construction industry.

The Joint Contracts Tribunal works on the most popular type of standard construction contracts and the latest suite of contracts from the JCT are the 2016 editions.

Although some see Construction Law as another form of general contract law, it is a very specialised area and most people requiring advice on construction law in the UK would seek advice from construction law specialists.

Consensus Docs publishes more than 100 contract documents, addressing all methods of project delivery, and are written in the project's best interest versus one particular party.

although many now offer a choice between arbitration and litigation.


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