Constitution Torture Essay

This intended to prevent forced or involuntary confessions under police pressure.

Although the Supreme Court had long held that involuntary confessions could not be used in federal courts, state courts did not always comply.

Finally, he successfully petitioned the Supreme Court to hear his case, and they ruled in Gideon's favor, ensuring the right to counsel in state as well as federal courts.

The 8th Amendment prohibits "cruel and unusual punishments," a concept rooted in English law. By far, the most controversial issue that centers on the 8th Amendment is capital punishment, or the practice of issuing death sentences to those convicted of major crimes.

From the crime itself, to the arrest, to the jury's verdict, Americans have been fascinated by the justice system.

Whether a trial is depicted in a movie, on television, or in real life, Americans cannot seem to turn away.For example, Article I affirms the right of a writ of habeas corpus, a court order that requires a judge to evaluate whether there is sufficient cause for keeping a person in jail.However, the most extensive protections are found in the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments.Now local police departments must issue warnings known as "Miranda Rights" to people that they arrest.A very important principle related to the 4th and 5th Amendments is the exclusionary rule, which upholds the principle that evidence gathered illegally cannot be used in a trial.This website contends that the death penalty is not the cruel and unusual punishment prohibited by the 8th Amendment.It is filled with state-by-state statistics on death rows and information on current legislation that could affect the death penalty.The purpose of the 4th Amendment is to deny the national government the authority to make general searches and seizures of property.A major issue over the years has been the interpretation of "unreasonable" searches and seizures. They also change often, but the general principle is that searches are valid methods of enforcing law and order, but unreasonable searches are prohibited.That's one of the rights that police must tell you because of the landmark decision in Gideon v. This Oswego County School District website introduces you to Clarence Gideon, who ran his own defense at a trial for robbery because the court would not appoint him an attorney.He fought his case all the way to the Supreme Court, and won the right to an attorney for everyone in the United States.


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