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Your instructor will tell you whether this should include only sources you directly cited within your paper (“Works Cited” page), or a list of all sources you researched, even if you did not cite them directly (“Bibliography” or “Works Consulted” page). A citation style is a set of agreed-upon rules for presenting citations in a standard format.Among other things, a citation style tell you whether or not titles should be capitalized, where to list the date of publication, and how to cite a webpage.

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It also shows our experience with scholarly standards.

By citing your sources, your ideas will be taken more seriously by other scholars (including your professor! Give Credit Giving credit to the original source rewards other scholars for the hard work and creativity they contribute to advancements in their fields. In some fields, citations even lead to career advancement.

In turn, your work contributes to this ongoing intellectual conversation and supports new research. Data: reference to someone else’s research, findings, or data.

When you cite your sources, you show how your work fits into your field of study. You must both use quotation marks around direct quotes and cite them. Charts/Graphs: inclusion of someone else’s charts or graphs.

Depending on the citation style you use, an in-text citation may include the author’s last name, page number, and/or year of publication.

Alternatively, some style guides recommend the use of footnotes. Each listing should include the complete citation information (author, title, year of publication, place of publication, etc.).

We might worry that if we cite too often, it may seem like we don’t have any ideas of our own.

In actuality, a paper using citations correctly proves we’ve done enough research to make credible arguments.

When everyone uses the same format, it makes it easier to understand citations accurately.

Different academic fields use different styles, so ask your instructor which one you should use.


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