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Throughout the whole poem one can notice references which are related to God, to the Christian philosophy and faith as well as to old Hebrew ideologies.

Throughout the whole poem one can notice references which are related to God, to the Christian philosophy and faith as well as to old Hebrew ideologies.

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Beowulf is a heroic elegiac poem, which appears to be a summary of Anglo-Saxon beliefs and ideals.

Beowulf was written after pagan Anglo-Saxony was Christianized, however the Pagan lifestyle, the concept and belief was still existing in the daily life of the people.

The reason is as easy as obvious; Paganism forced the Anglo-Saxons to live under a primitive system.

All men were equal and there was no oppression of man by man.

The legend of Beowulf is a collection of pagan topics and ideals, but there are obvious influences by Christianity as well.

Pagan heroic concepts met the Christian theme of the good and the evil, God’s will and forgiveness of sin.

By using biblical references it will be even easier to extract the presence of Christianity in this pagan poem.

The main part are comparisons between God and Beowulf, God and Hrothgar, Beowulf and Jesus Christ.

But the Christian conversion was not as successful as the missionary’s planned it to be: It took over a hundred years until completed, up to the 7th century.

Christian missionary started in 597 when the Roman Pope sent forty monks to Britain to convert the Anglo-Saxons.


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