Chinese Newyear Essay

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Before even entering through the entrance gate, a wave of music blasted through my ears. ..and nudging us to stay hydrated and to accept their water.

As I turned towards the noise source, I could see that the entertainment stage was placed right next to the entrance gate in order to attract a lively vibe and to lighten the mood upon entering. We could tell in their facial expressions that they were worried after rejecting the drink as they displayed a frowning face.

In many English speaking countries, a special and dedicated song ‘Auld Lang Syne’ played to welcome the new year.

The world’s most popular public gathering is organized at the Times Square, New York City in the United States.

Every year, crowds gather around to attend a traditional event that takes place only once a year and over the weekend.

The Lunar New Year festival took place early February of 2016 and was open to the public in the fairgrounds in Costa Mesa.

I was chosen as a volunteer as a cultural participant in the event and decided it was the perfect opportunity to observe social behavior, since thousands of people gathered there.

Being that I am Vietnamese and the festival was hosted by UVSA, an organization of Vietnamese students, I could assume that visitors would come up to me and possibly stereotype that I knew everything about my culture, given the fact that I also had to dress up in traditional costumes while volunteering.

It was rather difficult to hear and understand the conversation I had with my friend since the noise was overpowering our voices. Based on that experience, I could tell that people could communicate by verbal and nonverbal codes.

Those messages were displayed and processed as we were able to understand each other.


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