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There will be some spray-tanning here, but it’s very minimal. I was so proud of her when she won this last pageant — it was a whole another sense of, like, when your kid takes their first steps or they roll over for the first time. I never thought a black woman could win a pageant until Vanessa Williams won the Miss America pageant.There are hair extensions, but it’s more of a natural glitz than a complete glammed-over glitz. I was just so giddy and happy and so proud of her, and I started crying a little bit. Crystal Brown-Tatum, 41, owner of Crystal Clear Communications in Dallas, Texas Miss San Antonio Teen 1987, seven adult titles including Miss Texas 1990, Mrs. Seeing her crowned Miss America, I decided to compete in my first pageant.Beauty pageants have caused an increase in mental and physical issues in young girls who participate.

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She grabs the foundation and smothers her face with it; she creates a mask.

She sprays the hairspray till the fumes clog the air.

"We must protect our kids from the catwalk of shame." Sun-Herald [Sydney, Australia] 22 Sept.

I should be honest: I couldn’t watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

I think, in general, the Northeast is a different pageant system.

They don’t rely so much on flippers [children’s dentures to replace missing teeth] and all that stuff.After fifteen minutes of Go Go Juice and pageant tantrums, I had to turn it off — not because I disapproved of the Thompson-Shannon family, but because I resented that the show wanted me to disapprove of them.It’s the same way I feel when I watch Toddlers and Tiaras, where hyperprojecting mothers bitch-slap sequins onto eager-to-please daughters, inviting the viewer to wonder, What train wreck of adulthood lies ahead for America’s Honey Boo Boos? "Ending the Hypersexualization of Girls." Christian Science Monitor. "The Effects of Beauty Pageants and Cutest Baby Contests on Children."Good, Therapy Blog, Beauty Pageants and Children: It’s Not Always Pretty. If young girls don't win, they might take it personally and get hurt feelings. The child might end up feeling unattractive or inadequate ("Child Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons.") which can lead to the development of disorders such as bulimia or anorexia. Furthermore, the average BMI of a beauty pageant contestant as of 2010 is 18.3 (Beauty Pageant Statistics), which is classified as underweight... "How Do Child Beauty Pageants Affect a Child's Development? Of course, me growing up in the pageant system, my daughter’s dress is very glitzy. I was always the girl at school that was the only black cheerleader or the only black girl in Gifted and Talented, and so my perception of beauty — it wasn’t me. He had been accidentally shot and was quadriplegic.I never thought I was pretty because everyone who was popular and pretty was white. But pageants were always on TV, and he watched TV all the time in the VA hospital. Black Louisiana.] Black pageants don’t raise the big dollars like the mainstream pageants.


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