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Furthermore, the impacts of factors like diversity, competition, innovation, fiscal viability, control and authority, will also be evaluated.

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A critical review of pros and cons offered by charter schools and public schools would enable beginning teachers to study and understand these elements in detail.

Furthermore, in order to become an effective teacher, it is essential to understand how the needs of the students vary in different social settings and how the community-based and organizational forces (school policies, environment etc.) can affect the performance of the teacher.

In the charter schools, the management of the school is free to devise its own set of regulations that best fit the educational model and the requirements of the given community and locality where the school is located.

Furthermore, charter schools mainly have some niche which gives them specialization such music or scientific studies.

These specialties make the charter schools stand out and allow the parents to have a vast variety of choice for their child's education.

Therefore, the parents are in a better position of evaluating if the prevailing education system can satisfy the requirements related to their child's education.

Therefore, they enjoy freedom of devising their own charter and code of conduct.

The system of charter schools gained popularity in late 1980s and the first chartered school got registered in the state of Minnesota in 1992.

This regime of educational system has been replacing the traditional schooling model ever since however it is too early to identify if they will be able to eliminate the prevailing educational model.

The charter schools thrive on the basis of three basic principles: the freedom to make choice, ample opportunities offered by flexible educational model coupled with reasonable opportunity.


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