Characteristic Of Charismatic Leadership

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They do not look for others to blame and they do not make excuses during crisis and tough times.

Instead, they accept ownership, and learn from their mistakes.

They do not have anything handed over to them on a silver platter. The people see this, and this is what drives their attraction to charismatic leaders.

Respect and admiration are earned after a long and arduous effort, and it always pays off.

Charismatic leaders benefit greatly from this halo effect.

Their followers choose to remember them by all the good works they have done no matter what happens.Whether in tough times or when things are good, they always monitor their words and actions.They understand they are in a position where whatever they do or say can be taken seriously or that they can easily abuse their power if they lose control.According to him, charismatic leadership relies heavily on the devotion that followers have for the leader.They see the charismatic leader as some sort of a hero with “exceptional sanctity and exemplary character”.This quality helps them to motivate and energize followers, and is also what attracts them in the first place.It is no wonder that great charismatic leaders have given such inspiring speeches to thousands of people throughout history. Charismatic leaders constantly strive for improvement Charismatic leaders have the ability to take care and manage themselves.Their followers have positive perceptions of them and see them as heroes. Charismatic leaders are confident, yet humble This goes without saying.All charismatic leaders the world has had the pleasure of witnessing were humble people.She was kind, caring, courageous, motivated, humble, and compassionate – all the qualities that made her an ‘exemplary character’.It is no surprise then that Mother Teresa was so widely loved and admired by her followers.


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