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Back to Animals Species of animals or organisms are considered extinct when there are no more of them alive.Animals that are classified as "endangered" are at risk of becoming extinct. This means that the only surviving members of the species live in captivity, like in a zoo. Today many animals are endangered or have become extinct due to the influence of humans.

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"We need to act as stewards for life on Earth." In 2015, a third of marine stocks were being fished at unsustainable levels and the amount of raw timber being harvested has increased by almost half since 1970, with up to 15% of it cut illegally, according to the report.

Pollution entering coastal ecosystems has produced more than 400 ocean "dead zones," totalling an area bigger than the United Kingdom.

The world's animal population has halved in 40 years as humans put unsustainable demands on Earth, according to a 2014 report from the World Wide Fund for Nature.

As humans move more into the mountain gorillas' territory, the gorillas have been pushed farther up into the mountains, forcing them to endure dangerous and sometimes deadly conditions, the WWF report on the planet says.

These areas are so starved of oxygen they can barely support marine life.

Despite the ominous picture "it is not too late to make a difference, but only if we start now at every level from local to global," said Watson, adding that this would require an overhaul of economic systems and a shift in political and social mindsets.

Some of the ways that animals become extinct are described below.

Natural Forces Over the course of history many species have become extinct. Species may become extinct because of changes in climate (i.e.

One million of the planet's eight million species are threatened with extinction by humans, scientists warned Monday in what is described as the most comprehensive assessment of global nature loss ever.

The global rate of species extinction "is already tens to hundreds of times higher than it has been, on average, over the last 10 million years," according to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), a UN committee, whose report was written by 145 experts from 50 countries.


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