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He is also an independent consultant for mid-size US companies. It begins with an overview of the interview and how candidates are assessed.This is a little bit cheeky but we are going to start by recommending our own upcoming case interview book.Some of the existing books are helpful, but none of them summarise 100% of the information you need to crack your case interview process in a succinct way. You can join our launch list below to get a 20% discount code when we launch towards the end of 2019.)When it comes to general books about consulting, the following books are useful to get a general idea about consulting firms and how they work: "The Firm" by Duff Mc Donald, "Managing the Professional Service Firm" by David Maister and "The Mc Kinsey Way" by Ethan Rasiel.A LOT of books offer guidance on how to navigate the case interview process.So which ones should you go through to maximise your chances of getting a job at a top consulting firm?Before we go into more detail, here is a quick overview of the best case interview books we would recommend: Keep reading to find out why we have (or have not) recommended the books listed above.In addition you can sign up above to get notified and receive a discount code when we launch the final version of the book towards the end of 2019. But we've got other resources which you'll find helpful for your preparation in the meantime.We recommend starting with our free case interview guide and the video series below (5 videos, totalling ~30mins).But don't read it on its own: pair it with other guides that focus on case interviews.The pros and cons This is a great book for those looking to strengthen their quantitative skills before their interviews.


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