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How do you keep those embroidery machines running up to 16 hours a day? Last year, about 650,000 new small businesses opened their doors, while another 565,000 folded, according to the Small Business Administration. asked successful embroiderers and industry consultants how to aggressively grow a business.

Their feedback shows how much help is out there, in terms of networking with other shop owners and professional organizations, for your embroidery company.

So, building a client base becomes the vital long-term goal of most embroidery businesses – it’s the key step to avoiding having those expensive machines fall silent.

Mirroring Cox’s experience with NNEP’s 2,000 embroidery business members, most successful embroidery businesses build their customer base from their local community. First, folks like to do business with people they know.

Ask yourself these questions: What are your hobbies, occupation and interests?

What embroidered apparel or products would make sense to anyone who has hobbies, a career or interests in common with you?And, it comes with numerous advantages such as the ability to work from home, to be your own boss, and to be creative, and, not to mention, the obvious tax benefits.All it takes is a strong strategy and the ability to use your —all the while having fun and making money.At Melco, we’ve seen the birth of successful entrepreneurs and have even been able to nurture these clients on their paths to success.We’ve witnessed firsthand how rewarding and fulfilling an embroidery startup can be. In 2015, the thriving commercial embroidery services industry generated Those aren’t small numbers.“Developing a niche market of customers can help you grow your business,” says Jennifer Cox, cofounder and president of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals.“For example, if you’re a farmer, you know a great deal about crops, animals, equipment and the entire process.It gives you the foundation to create artful designs, including industry-standard digitizing software.It is also easy to use, and all machines come with a personalized in-person training session to help you waste less time and maximize output!Two-thirds of new businesses survive two years, and 44% last at least four years, according to a recent study.As we surveyed successful business owners, there were a few areas they really concentrated on in their first couple years in business to ensure they’d keep their doors open: Build a customer base, hire the best salespeople, get their digitizing done right and join a trade organization.


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