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Even if they don’t know much about the topic, you can just instruct them to be as creative as possible and come up with some interesting things to talk about.Here are the topics they can choose from: You can have students do research on the internet if they have access.

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Here are three simple ways in which we business English teachers can also benefit from reflective practice: The important thing to remember is that doing something, however small, is more helpful than doing nothing.

No matter how busy you are, you can always tune into your inner dialogue and you´re likely to see the benefits of doing that right away.

They should choose from one of the topics below they’d like to do a presentation about, or they can also make their own topic.

They should prepare and give a one-minute presentation to the other groups on their chosen topic.

This is often also true of your typical business teacher as well. For me the most helpful definition is Clarke´s interpretation of reflection as a “process of internal dialogue.” It has to start from within us, but can manifest itself through external, physical artefacts such as a teaching journal, lesson report or action research project.

We are under pressure to look as professional as the CEOs we might teach, deliver just in time and just right training, while making the lessons sufficiently “fun” that the students will actually want to continue having lessons with us. Without thinking about what choices you have made within your teaching practice and why and considering what the outcomes of those choices are, there can be no teaching journal entry or lesson report.You can also give students the choice to also come up with their own idea for a presentation, anything in the music sector.It doesn’t have to be specifically related to vinyls.Find more resources and ideas for your ESL lessons here.Through this lesson plan focusing on business English vocabulary, English Language Learners will identify common roles, tools, and locations in an office setting, and will use these vocabulary terms to engage in conversations with others. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.they’ve bought in the recent past related to one of their personal interests.Have the students teach the class either how to use this product or service, how it works, why they bought it, what the features are, what problem it solves for them, etc.Archive of worksheets from In Company for Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels.These are great resources that we’ve saved from the original edition of In Company, which are still relevant and useful!The most important thing is that students have a structure to their presentation, have researched important information about it, and teach the class something interesting.You can also have students include one of each of the following things in their presentation: One last bonus activity you could do that will also help your students develop the skills they need for business and professional reasons is to have them give a “show and tell” presentation or just simply talk about three gadgets, tools, products, services, etc.


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