Brazil Essay Conclusion

At the work place, social harmony is ranked in Brazil.Efforts that boost cooperation among workers are encouraged.

On the other hand, the American culture is such that people have to earn their respect.

The children are encouraged to remain independent and explore the world. Further, dress code is not used to indicate how successful an individual is in the society.

They will prefer using precise language when describing facts. The superiors in the society are also ranked and respected. Students have to respect their teachers and involve them in learning.

The most successful and respected people dress differently, which means that it is not difficult to identify them.

Additionally, Brazilians find it easy to do business with individuals.

They trust people more and hence can engage them in business.

You are also likely to find more employers being concerned about the welfare of the workers.

In American culture, workers are encouraged to be assertive and productive.

Beginning from communication, you are likely to enjoy talking to a Brazilian than to an American.

Brazilian people may not be in a hurry during conversations and are very friendly.


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