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7 1.1 Introduction: 7 1.2 Research Aim: 7 1.3 Research Objectives: 7 1.4 Research Questions: 8 1.5 Background of the Topic: 8 1.6 Background of the Company: Primark. 36 Figure 13: Primark is attempting to focus on branding to generate new customers and retain old one.

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The contribution of this research to enhance my knowledge base and analytical skill has been paramount.Further, branding also involves trust and confidence relationship that initiates a consumer to be loyal to the organisation irrespective of the price or substitutes.Brand building is the trend available in the market that helps in improving the participation of the organisation.30 3.8 Population and Sample: 30 3.8.1 Sampling Technique: 31 3.8.2 Sample Size: 31 3.9 Ethical Considerations: 31 3.10 Research Limitations: 32 3.11 Time Horizons: 32 3.12 Summary: 33 Data Analysis, Findings and Interpretation. 42 Figure 17: Factors that needs more emphasis for better brand value of Primark. However, an organisation thrives on focussing the concept of brand building so that consumers can get attracted within the organisation or towards the product.34 4.0 Introduction: 34 4.2.1 Quantitative Analysis: For Customers (Part A). 16 Figure 4: Consumers’ Behaviour Model of Howard Seth. 43 Figure 18: Maintenance of standardisation of a product is crucial for branding. The competition level existent in the market is trying to work on various parameters that can help in attracting new customers while retaining the old ones.Topic will involve analysis of the branding during the process of consumers’ buying behaviour.The researcher selected Primark as the case study so that concept of branding and consumers’ decision-making process can be analysed at better and focussed way.With the help of research objectives, the sub-division of the research topic will be enabled that will allow proper categorisation of broad topic into appropriate forms.List of objectives helpful in successful achievement of the research aim are as enlisted below: Research questions are considered to be helpful in understanding the topic of the research in a much easy and detail manner.Application of primary and secondary sources along with quantitative and qualitative techniques has helped the researcher in gaining better details of the research topic.Based on the result of the study, the researcher has also listed list of recommendations that can ideally help the organisation in adopting better branding strategy.


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