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Also visco supplementation injections( syngvisc or Orthovisc) to help lubricate the joints and if in pain cortisone . Read more After a total knee replacement, you will definitely need physical therapy.

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The BCK head is attached to a polyethylene bearing, which absorbs the dynamic shock and reduces the friction.

The friction between the outer surface and the natural acetabulum is minimalized by the wear-resistant and polished finish, and reduced relative motion between components.

The different settings could include home with outpatient therapy, home with home health therapy, at a skilled nursing facility, or at an inpatient rehabilitation facility.

Your doctors will help determine the most appropriate rehab setting. Read more Blood clot - in legs or lungs infection fracture of femur loosening or wear of the implant over time (think of your new hip like tires on your car, more miles = less time that they last) nerve injury bleeding change in leg length. Read more See 1 more doctor answer Very common and routine procedures.Physical therapy will initially focus on range of motion and strengthening exercises.Depending on the type of surgery you had and whether you have assistance at home, you may need to go from the hospital to an extended care facility. Read more If you are happy with your current activity level/lifestyle and not buckling with everyday activities you may not need to have acl reconstruction.These have the best outcomes done by surgeons who do a lot of them.However, a lot also depends on the status of the patient with obesity, malnutrion, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, osteoporosis, presence of autoimmune diseas such as lupus, clotting disorders, prior blood clots or dvt, varicose veins and deformities in legs all having an impact. Read more Almost all dysplastic hips can be treated with total hip replacement.Read more A total knee resurfaces the parts of the knee that rub together.Instead of having worn out cartilage (chondromalacia) or bone rubbing together, you would have artificial surfaces of metal and polyethylene rubbing together. Read more See 1 more doctor answer Arthritis by definition is the loss or wearing away of the articular cartilage within the knee joint.This occurs in cases of the so called femoral head necrosis, e.g. In these patients the surgeon may remove only the diseased femoral head and replace it with an artificial ball of the same dimensions.We offer to our clients superior quality artificial head which articulates with the healthy Hemi-arthroplasty means a half replacement joint operation.Total hip replacement: surgery in which the diseased ball and socket of the hip joint are completely removed and replaced with artificial materials.A metal ball with a stem (a prosthesis) is inserted into the femur (thigh bone) and an artificial plastic cup socket is placed in the acetabulum (a "cup-shaped" Knee strengthening program which should also include core strengthening plus shock absorbing foot orthoses can be helpful.


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