Autobiographical Essay Outline

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The girls were scared of my tough persona, while the boys felt intimidated by my confidence and competitive nature.

My wardrobe was full of my brothers’ clothes that they had outgrown.

I got rid of all the male clothes, started wearing dresses and released my hair.

My mum really came to my aid at this point in my life and although it was hard at first, I got used to the idea of wearing dresses ad heels.

I have many accolades to my name, however the one that stands out was in my second year in high school.

Autobiographical Essay Outline

Representing our school in short races, I went to the state competition where I emerged third overall.

This type of autobiography is usually written after the deaths of the said persons. They are usually written for the writers’ personal pleasure or as assignments in class.

This article will concentrate on the second form of autobiography.

Growing up around four brothers was not easy, considering the fact that I am a girl.

With all the masculinity in the house, there was a lot of competition and rivalry.


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