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In his paper “The Impact of Planning on Project Success”, Pedro Serrador from University of Toronto points to a correlation between planning and project success.Based on the literature review, Serrador found that project success is closely linked to both project and cost efficiency.For students with weak time management skills, procrastination can have painful consequences, affecting both academic and personal success.

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The name, coming from an Italian word for a tomato, was inspired by the kitchen timer.

Today, there are devices you can use designed specifically for this technique, counting the exact 25 minutes you should devote to work.

What you can do about that, is actually setting yourself shorter deadlines.

If you will still struggle to force yourself to finish a task faster, ask someone from your team to review your work at a certain date, so you now have to do the work in order to show them results.

It also helps to avoid work-related stress and, eventually, If there are still unresolved tasks on your list, ask yourself why you haven’t finished them and find solutions to that.

Maybe the task was to broad and dividing it into smaller assignments will help you better organize work?

This tendency to put work aside, called the Parkinson stated that “the work expands as to fill the time available for its completion”.

Thus, if you have more time to finish a task than you actually need, the chances are you won’t do it any quicker.

Delegating work you may actually show your employees that you value their input.

Empower them to make decisions and, if needed, limit yourself to supervise them.


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