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I love finding ways to simplify homeschooling, and this method really takes the cake. : Each evening, I write the kids’ assignments down for the next day in their own assignment book. You thought I was going to say something grand and amazing, and you’re a little let down? I was skeptical at first, too, but I have been floored at the change this simple method has made in our homeschool. I’m not feeling quite as fly-by-the-seat as I often do after a break, though, because I’ve got a new system for keeping track of school assignments, and it’s rocking my world.

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Examples of parent information forms, group resources and student led groups will all be shared.

I’ll tell you all about it, and then you have every right to say, “Of course, Sarah. ” like I said to myself when my friend first showed me how it’s done. You aren’t alone if you feel like this method sounds too good to be true.

to the assignments to help with home understanding.

If a short video is made of in instructional strategy, this could also be included to help parents see how the concept was introduced to the students so they could further support at home.

Should it be student created events or teacher created events? The advantage is that links, pictures, videos, etc.

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Okay, so you have the tools, but how do you set it up? In the personal calendar, the student can create an event for each subject or one for each day with the assignments.

When I’m writing my 13-year-old’s assignments out, I can tell that I’m giving her too much work when it’s taking me a while to write or the paper is filling up.

It’s so easy to just pop in one more assignment on a spreadsheet on your computer.

Ditching the assignment notebook has never been easier!

Join my session at Schoology NEXT this year to learn more about empowering students, keeping them organized, and informing parents in the digital age.


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