As I Lay Dying Addie Bundren Essay

For example, Anse admits that he wants a new set of teeth.Cash wants to display his carpentry work and look for a gramophone.Further, Addie admits that she wants to be buried in Jefferson because she wants to spend eternity as far away from the Bundrens as possible.

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Throughout their journey, the Bundrens face multiple obstacles.

For example, Vardaman, who does not fully comprehend his mother’s death, drills into Addie’s face while trying to create air holes in the coffin so that the corpse can “breathe.” Also, when the family discovers that a bridge has collapsed, they ford a river, dragging Addie’s coffin under water.

Also, Faulkner uniquely employs symbols throughout his work.

For example, he substitutes a coffin symbol in place of the actual word and uses a blank space when one of his characters is unable to express her thoughts.

Also, Cash reveals that he jumps into the river not only to rescue the coffin, but also to retrieve his carpentry tools.

Later, Anse sells Jewel’s beloved horse in order to buy a new team of mules.

As I Lay Dying tells the story of the Bundrens—a poor family from the Deep South—that faces trials and tragedy on their journey to bury their dead wife and mother in the town of Jefferson.

Throughout the story, the reader is introduced to the family members and discovers that each has his or her own reason for traveling to Jefferson.

For instance, Anse Bundren, husband and father, sets off for Jefferson to buy a new set of teeth and to remarry, while his daughter, Dewey Dell, goes to town to get an abortion.

Each character shares his or her perspective on the journey, with the exception of Jewel Bundren, the only character who does not have his own section.


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