Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

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My article that I chose to support this reason is called “Unspeakable Conversations” by Harriet Mc Bryde Johnson. Her spine was deformed due to her muscles not being able to hold her body up. For 25 years she has been an advocate and an activist for disabled rights. “But most often the reactions are decidedly negative.

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People might abuse their right to euthanasia, people with prejudices today might influence and cause problems with the euthanasia.

This might also cause misunderstandings between people, a wrong message may be sent out to people.

The survey took in 40 OECD and non-OECD countries, including the USA, the Netherlands, Germany and France.

Changing the law to allow euthanasia or assisted suicide will inevitably put pressure on vulnerable people to end their lives for fear of being a financial, emotional or care burden upon others.

Dr Andrew Fergusson, of the Care Not Killing Alliance, has said Studies concerning the euthanasia and assisted suicide law in countries that have legalised such measures make for troubling reading.

A study conducted in 2012 shows that 32% of the assisted deaths in Belgium are carried out without request and 47% of assisted deaths go unreported in the Flanders region of Belgium.

Dignity in Dying patron, Sir Patrick Stewart has argued Surely however the debate is not about the right to die; it is about the right to help patients kill themselves. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are matters of public concern because they involve one person facilitating the death of another.

Instead of giving freedom to patients, euthanasia and assisted suicide is about giving other people the legal power to end another person’s life. Friends, relatives, healthcare staff and society are hugely affected by the wider ramifications of the process.

This would especially affect people who are disabled, elderly, sick or depressed.

Some would face the added risk of coercion by others who might stand to gain from their deaths.


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