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Not because he was particularly fit, or agile, but because his opinion was so solidly formed around the idea of his own greatness.

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The trick would be convincing them to let her enter.

Even though she had been raised with horses, and riding them before she could walk, he knew that the committee wouldn’t approve of her age.

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The first is easy - and you may even want to use your sample script!

All you have to do is start a timer and begin delivering the lines.When Old Man Ronny passed the flagpost at just under 56 seconds, he knew that they had a champion on their hands…and Susie was just the right weight to compete with the other jockeys in the circuit.Number of words in the passage = number of words spoken per minute.The second way to determine the number of words you are speaking per minute, is simply to record yourself as you deliver a performance or speak conversationally about a topic.There are many things to take into account, such as what the script requires.For instance, is the character you’re playing speaking in a laid back drawl - or are you an announcer reading a disclaimer in a 15-second radio spot?On the outskirts of the clover-rich patch, Susie’s father’s eyes never wavered from his daughter’s bobbing figure.He held a stopwatch up in his right hand, finger up at the ready to click down upon the top of it and catch the final time.The number of words you speak per minute may vary wildly with only this small stipulation!However, character notes and context aside, we all have our own natural comfort level when it comes to reading a script, as well as talking at a natural pace.


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