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The abbreviation "APA" is deciphered as an "American Psychological Association," i.e.an institution for the experts in psychology namely.If you would like to write a trustworthy essay or research paper, you have to use only credible and scholarly sources to persuade the audience to accept your point.

If you have been given a task to write a research paper, you should not begin writing the paper itself unless you have created a list of the key concepts and ideas.

At first, you have to write a brief outline of the ideas you want to incorporate in the paper, which will make the writing process easier.

This is one more fundamental item of papers organized in APA.

According to the aforementioned manual on APA style, it should be arranged specifically.

It briefly describes the main aspects of your topic, your purpose, used research methods, obtained research results, so that readers can understand whether your paper can be helpful for them while conducting their own study. It depends on the demands imposed by your professor whether to write an abstract or not.

Thus, if you are unsure about it, ask your professor to clarify the issue.Remember that any idea that was taken from the outside source should be appropriately cited with the identification of the author. If you incorporate some information taken from the anthology, the reference will be written in such a way: Name of the author. It will inform a reader about sources that were utilized while writing a research paper. Do not forget that citing requires appropriate punctuation. However, you should realize that there is a need to provide explicit information about the publication in the reference list. By using the said manual, you will learn to organize each element of your work properly.Go to your library to see if there is a full version of the manual there.Nonetheless, the page header is only a title on the following pages of your work.If you do not know how to arrange your page header in the right way, you should find good APA format examples on the Internet.It should include less than 50 characters and be presented in the header of your work aligned to the left.On the title page, the page header is placed after the words "Running head" that is followed by a colon.


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