Ap Literature Poetry Essay Rubric

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The newly-released 2016 sample AP English Literature and Composition exam questions, sample responses, and grading rubrics provide a valuable opportunity to analyze how to achieve high scores on each of the three Section II FRQ responses.

However, for purposes of this examination, the Poetry Analysis strategies will be the focus.

All three provide a teaching opportunity for achieving a nine on the poetry analysis essay.

The first sample essay, the A essay, quickly and succinctly introduces the author, title, thesis, elements, and devices.

The AP English Literature and Composition exam consists of two sections, the first being a 55-question multiple choice portion worth 45% of the total test grade.

This section tests your ability to read drama, verse, or prose fiction excerpts and answer questions about them.Don’t waste time on sentences that don’t do the work ahead for you. The A answer first supports the thesis by pointing out that alliteration and rhyme scheme depict the mood and disconnection of both the speaker and the crowd.The writer does this by noting how alliteration appears when the juggler performs, but not before.If you’re taking the course or self-studying, you know the exam is going to be tough.Of course, you want to do your best and score a five on the exam.The poem for analysis in last year’s exam was “The Juggler” by Richard Wilbur, a modern American poet.Exam takers were asked to analyze the following: When you analyze the components of an influential essay, it’s helpful to compare all three sample answers provided by the College Board: the high scoring (A) essay, the mid-range scoring (B) essay, and the low scoring (C) essay.That doesn’t respond to the prompt, which requires an argument about what the juggler’s description reveals about the speaker.To sum up, make introductions brief and compact, using specific details from the poem and a clear direction that address the call of the prompt. Short, choppy, disconnected sentences make an incoherent, unclear paragraph.The sentences read like a shotgun spray of facts and descriptions that give no direction to the reader of the writer’s approach: how he or she will use the elements and details listed to prove a thesis.The short, choppy sentences don’t connect, and the upshot is something so commonplace as Wilbur describes a talented juggler, who is also a powerful teacher.


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