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This version of the test focuses on questions about how living things have developed through evolution and natural selection, and how they interact with one another in their communities, populations, and ecosystems.Biology E questions typically cover the processes and relationships that occur between organisms, including predation and the flow of energy through the food web.In fact, preparing for both topic areas will help you to decide which area you’re stronger in, and thus which version of the test to take.

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If you’re a high school student with an interest in the sciences, you might be considering taking one or more of the SAT’s subject tests in that field.

These tests, formerly known as SAT IIs, allow you to show off your knowledge on topics more specific than those covered by the regular SAT.

The only choice listed that represents a comparison of a homologous structure is choice (A): Cytochrome C is a protein that can be studied, and its amino acid sequences compared.

The fewer differences in the amino acid sequence, the closer the relationship.

It’s worth repeating that the E and M versions of the SAT Biology test aren’t all that different.

No matter which you choose, you’ll have to answer 60 of the same questions, and those 60 questions may cover topics from both areas.The bottom line is that you should take whichever version of the test, E or M, you feel most comfortable with.Taking a few practice tests can help you decide which area you’re stronger in.First of all, it’s important to note that there’s not a huge difference between the two versions of the SAT Biology test.No matter which specific focus area you choose, you’ll sign up for the same SAT subject test, listed as The SAT Biology E/M test gives you one hour to answer 80 multiple-choice questions.60 of these questions will be the same regardless of whether you choose E or M.The remaining 20 questions will be specialized toward either ecological or molecular topics.For both tests, you’ll be required to know and use some simple math skills, and you won’t be permitted to use a calculator.The test questions will use metric units of measurement, such as meters, grams, and degrees Celsius, so you should be familiar with these units.It’s not a matter of a strict distinction between the two, and you’ll still need to study topics that come from both areas.In the SAT Biology E test, E stands for ecological.


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