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Icke has also accused Jews (among others) of being alien lizard people.

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Her manner: staring at the ground, her feet in shuffle; she represents the American heritage of the black people.

Dee and Maggie do not interact, it is only as the story ends that Dee speaks to her angrily as she is leaving; this ending portrays the relationship of the African and American heritages.

Deep down, the story is exploring the question of African-American heritage; the story, probably set in the ebbing days of the 1960s or at the dawn of 1970s, coincides with the attempt of African-Americans to define their identity in terms of culture (Xroads).

The term ‘Negro’ was gradually replaced with ‘Black’ but the pains and injustices of the past had been so cruel that the black people are willing to deny and reject their American heritage (Xroads).

This story is an exploration of both African and American heritages of the black people; the three characters represent the three faces of this theme.

Mama represents the uncertain link between the African and American heritages.In Walker’s unflinching descriptions of misogyny, domestic violence, homophobia, and incest, I saw an open accounting of issues buried deep within the larger southern black community — and within my own family.Above all, I was drawn into because it was haunted by ghosts — the ghosts of Alice Walker’s past.From mama’s description of herself, the way she takes pride in her expertise at killing and cleaning a hog, makes one see that she appreciates the practical aspects of her life and nature, it is easy to assume that she cannot ponder such an abstract concept as heritage.Yet, even with her lack of formal education and refinement, her respect and love for those who preceded her reflects her inherent comprehension of heritage through the way that she is able to associate pieces of clothes in two quilts with those who’s clothes the pieces had been cut from (Xroads).Eloquently and bravely, she was able to confront generational trauma by telling a universal tale that still felt faithful to her own story.And it was Walker’s ability to throw open the shutters and allow her ghosts — our ghosts — into her writing that made it so revelatory., I leaned into every word, inhaling Celie’s tragic and triumphant story.In Celie, I felt the presence and pain of my female family members brought up in rural Alabama.It cemented her standing as an acclaimed novelist, a civil-rights icon, and a formidable thought leader in the field of black feminism., Icke’s book alleged that a “small Jewish clique” had created the Russian Revolution and both World Wars, and “coldly calculated” the Holocaust to boot.


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