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My identity had for so long been forged around ‘us’ that to return to the ‘I’ involved an almost complete reinvention of myself.It took a long time for the hundreds of associations that Chloe and I had accumulated together to fade.

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‘Like’ is probably not the right word to describe it. I still don’t understand why American and British publishers keep changing the titles of books published on the opposite sides of the Atlantic.

When you read de Botton’s wise words, you will see yourself in those pages. Most of the time the original title is good and the new title is not.

Towards the end of the movie my heart ached and the ache refused to go away.

The same thing happened when I reached the end of the book – my heart ached and it hurt so badly.

One can get lost in a different world for a long, long time. If I put them back in the box and banish the box to the place where it came from, I will always be thinking about the books in it.

But unfortunately I didn’t follow my own advice and I took the first box and opened it. So, I thought I will take some of the books out of the box and keep them out.

It began with language, with Chloe leaving me her way of saying .

Habits began to leak between us : I acquired Chloe’s need for total darkness in the bedroom, she followed my way of folding the newspaper, I took to wandering in circles around the sofa to think a problem through, she acquired a taste for lying on the carpet.

I had to live with my sofa for months before the image of her lying on it in her dressing-gown was replaced by another image, the image of a friend reading a book on it, or of my coat lying across it.

I had to walk through Islington on numberless occasions before I could forget that Islington was not simply Chloe’s district, but a useful place to shop or have dinner.


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