50 Essays A Portable Anthology 3rd Edition Citation

50 Essays: A Portable Anthology is the best-selling value-priced reader in the country because its virtues don't stop at the price.

Its carefully chosen selections include enough classic essays to reassure instructors, and enough high-interest and high-quality contemporary readings to keep things lively and relevant for students.

Notice that this paper is written in 12 point Times New Roman font and is double-spaced. If you were citing only one of these essays, your entry would look like this: Work Cited Alexie, Sherman.

Notice that there are one-inch margins all the way around my paper. “Superman and Me.” 50 Essays: A Portable Anthology.

PACKAGE THIS TITLE WITH OUR 2016 MLA SUPPLEMENT, Documenting Sources in MLA Style (package ISBN-13: 9781319084943).

Get the most recent updates on MLA citation in a convenient, 40-page resource based on The MLA Handbook, 8th Edition, with plenty of models.Browse our catalog or contact your representative for a full listing of updated titles and packages, or to request a custom ISBN.In its third edition, 50 Essays continues to offer selections that instructors enjoy teaching, at a price students won't resist, but with more editorial emphasis than before on critical thinking and academic writing skills.At the top left of the first page should be your name, followed by my name, followed by our course’s name, followed by the date you hand the paper in. Notice that the title is centered and does not need any extra lines between it and the body of your paper. “Learning to Read.” The Autobiography of Malcolm X. The above works cited format is used when citing more than one workfrom the same anthology (like our text 50 Essays) and is called cross-reference style. Alexie concludes with a strong, declarative statement, “I am smart. And I use them all-all the Englishes I grew up with” (Tan 396). All four essays could be categorized as expressions of a Kookabura 2 kind of writing and research called autoethnography in which authors describe and systematically analyze personal experience in order to understand cultural experience. Designed to reduce mistakes, build better writing habits and transform okay papers into stellar ones - with bartleby write, you can submit your papers with confidence.Get access to plagiarism protection, grammar and spelling checks, preliminary scoring and citation assistance for only .99/month.This is the proper MLA manuscript format for your essay assignments. In this class you will be asked to quote, paraphrase, summarize, and document your sources both in the text and on a Works Cited page for almost every assignment.


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