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They made their own candles, soaps, and most other basic items.None of this was easy and often done without the proper tools.They faced many hardships such as knowing little about how to hunt for game or how to plant crops on this new soil.

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In time, the colonists learned how to live in the wilderness through trial and error and with the help of an English speaking warrior named Squanto and the Wampanoag Chief, Massasoit.

By the 1700s, small cities and towns were established.

It is also among the small minority of the states, whose revolution, ideologies, and the regime established under it, lasted.

There may be many theories of what constitutes a revolution but the simplest one is the definition of revolution.

Would the American colonies not rebelled had they not been taxed without representation?

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Or would they have found another issue of discontent?

An important reason for the Revolution was the desire for even more than they already had.

"Like all revolutions, the American one started with small, relatively unimportant demands that grew, during and after the conflict, far beyond the vision of the original participants" ( Lipset, 22).

Much of their dawn to dusk work was merely for day to day survival.

Colonial Life In America - Forming a Nation After concerns of survival, came the Colonists desires and struggles to form a fair and democratic government.


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